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The First Battery Case From Otterbox, Unleash The iON Intelligence

Posted by | April 24, 2013 .

Otterbox iON

The first intelligent iPhone 4/4S battery case power solution for mobile technology, the Defender Series with iON Intelligence unites rugged protection and two times the battery capacity with a power management app for the ultimate experience in empowered protection. This battery case for iPhone 4/4S combines industry-leading and patented three-layer protection of the Defender Series with smart and seamless power.

Otterbox iON

The iON Intelligence software is an app that estimates battery power and predicts battery time remaining by monitoring your device-usage habits. This app allows you to eliminate guesswork by clearly displaying the power status for both the case and your device and intelligently predicts when your phone battery will run out. The iON Intelligence app monitors and incorporates many different factors to create the most accurate, personalized power profile possible.

Otterbox iON


Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 is coming soon

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Rubber plugs protect the main openings of the device

Full access to all features of the device through the case

The case intelligently knows when to charge the phone automatically

Ten LEDs visually indicate remaining case charge in 10% increments

The iON Intelligence battery app allows you to monitor the battery life of the iPhone and case while predicting the amount of battery life remaining in both

The case automatically splits the power between the case and the iPhone to charge most effectively

Included micro USB cable

The only iPhone 4/4S battery case that simultaneously syncs and charges both your device and case


Two-piece plastic shell snaps together around the device while built-in memory foam provides cushioning

A screen protector is built into the inner shell to prevent scratches and smudges without affecting the sensitivity of the touchscreen

Outer slipcover wraps around inner shell to absorb impact from drops and bumps

A built-in 1450 mAh lithium ion battery doubles the power capacity of your device

Holster is available separately

Weight & Dimensions:

Weight: 3.38 oz. / 95.82 g.

Weight with iPhone: 8.36 oz. / 237.00 g.

Dimensions 5.14 in. x 2.69 in. x 0.81 in. / 130.56 mm. x 68.33 mm. x 20.57 mm.

Environmental Protection:

The iPhone 4/ 4S Defender Series case with iON Intelligence provides added protection against drops, bumps and shocks but is NOT protective against water.

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