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The 5 best hypnosis apps for the iPhone

Posted by | September 3, 2012 .

With smartphone apps all the craze, hypnotherapy apps have now become the latest self-development trend. Many of these apps provide lots of techniques and advice on hypnotherapy which simulate as closely as possible what it feels like to visit a hypnotherapist in person.

All the applications can be searched for and found in the iTunes store and are readily available for download on the iPhone 4S and iPad. If you want to make the most of these apps be sure to look into iPhone 4S deals.

ABC of Better Sleep App

An internationally renowned and highly qualified clinical hypnotherapist with many one-to-one clients, including politicians and business leaders, Max Kirsten has made his ABC of Better Sleep app available for download on iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The app is for anyone who is wide awake in the early hours of the morning finding it hard to drift off at night. In collaboration with the London Sleep Centre, this treatment promises the ultimate session in relaxation where you are coaxed into a deep hypnotic trance. This app offers skills and techniques to aid you in falling asleep and staying asleep effortlessly for individuals with sleep problems.

Easy Stop Smoking

Having received fantastic online reviews, the Easy Stop Smoking app was created by renowned therapist Darren Marks, London’s most recommended hypnotherapist. The app takes you through four stages:

Relax Completely

Release Limiting Beliefs & Decisions

Easy Stop Smoking

Be Successful & Achieve Your Goals

This app also includes hypnosis videos so that you can feel more relaxed and confident about the treatment overall in preparation for the audio exercises. This is a highly-useful app tailored for anyone who wished to stop smoking effortlessly and permanently.

Freedom from Negative Feelings

Another hypnotherapy app created by Darren Marks, this application has been put together to help you free yourself from outdated and unproductive negative feelings that have become unnecessary obstacles between you and your personal goals.

Hypnotic Experience

Hypnotist Benjamin DeFoor has released a unique and interactive Hypnotic Experience available to users with access to iTunes and Google Play.

His creation of a Hypnosis pack allows you to be the architect of your hypnosis session. The app allows you to choose from over 6 unique ways of entering into hypnosis. With this app you are able to work on two levels of hypnosis at a time.

Stop Procrastination app

Just imagine a life without putting things off? Think how easy life would be if you didn’t leave things till the last minute and managed to power through all your daily tasks without interruption? Michael J. Emery’s Stop Procrastination app includes a:

25-page e-book examining procrastination from a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) perspective

39 minute NLP / audio program

9 minute NLP submodalities video to stop procrastination

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